Press Release

Fruit dessert invites to dreams

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


New fruit mousse Tagtraum in three delicious versions

Langenhagen, August 17, 2018. The new creamy whipped fruit dessert from Darbo invites to dreams. The dessert will be distributed by Uplegger Food Company GmbH to the German market starting October 2018.

The wonderfull dessert, that has been awarded as product innovation of 2017 in Austria, suits as fruity snack or as a dessert spooned directly out of the glass. "The hight fruit content – between 64 to 76 percent depending on the variety – can be tasted with each spoonful", describes Thomas Wiek, Managing Director of Uplegger Food Company, the wonderfull taste of the new product.

The new fruit dessert is free from gluten and lactose. It will be available in the varieties Erdbeer-Himbeere, Mango-Maracuja und Waldbeeren with 90 g per glass each and 8 pc per karton.

Download: Pressemitteilung (PDF)
Download: Darbo Tagtraum zum Träumen (JPG/300dpi/CMYK)
Download: Darbo Tagtraum Set (JPG/300dpi/CMYK)
Download: Darbo Tagtraum Waldbeeren (JPG/300dpi/CMYK)
Download: Darbo Tagtraum Mango Maracuja (JPG/300dpi/CMYK)
Download: Darbo Tagtraum Erdbeer Himbeer (JPG/300dpi/CMYK)