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Press Release

New drinks direct from Scandinavia

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


Tasty vegan oats and protein drinks to go.

Langenhagen, June 24th, 2022. Vegan and at the same time an in between-meals snack – The new oat drink from Scandinavia fulfills various consumer requirements. The 250ml pack-size is just right for a small snack on the go, as a quick breakfast or an additional kick of coffee or chocolate. Made with high-quality Northern European oats, this new oat drink is a trendy product for now and the future. And the best part: a superb and rich taste even without added sugar.

The new plant-based Protein Drinks from Friendly Viking’s are also ideal for people on the go due to the 330 ml pack-size. In addition, these oat-based drinks deliver an extra portion of high-grade protein from broad beans. With 20 g per pack, they are ideal after a workout and fit easily in any sport bag. And they are also ideal as an on the go snack or as a fast breakfast. Unopened, all Drinks are storeable at room temperature, but optimal taste is achieved when chilled.

Friendly Viking’s Oat Drink for Coffee, Friendly Viking’s Oat Drink Latte, Friendly Viking’s Oat Drink Chocolate come in 250 ml 8-packs/outer and an RSP of € 1.29*. Friendly Viking’s Protein Drink Chocolate, Friendly Viking’s Protein Drink Vanilla come in 330 ml 8-packs/outer and an RSP of € 2.29*

*Price determined by the retailer.

Downlaod: Press Release (PDF)