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Press Release

The future of ice cream comes from Spain

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


Tastes just like real ice cream straight from the ice cream shop.

Langenhagen, March 15, 2022. Summer is about to start, so Spanish ice cream for the future is here just in time: sustainable, clean label, vegan and no compromise on taste. Pink Albatross tastes just like from the ice cream shop and satisfies the needs of every consumer. Superbly creamy and an excellent taste. And what’s more, a vegan product with clean label.

“Pink Albatross ice cream tastes good and is made from ingredients which everyone likes and appreciates – no flavour enhancers, artificial aroma or preservatives” says Konstantin Uplegger, CEO of UFC. Simultaneously Pink Albatross has its eye firmly on the environment – in 2021 the company saved 8t of CO², 70m litres of water and 12 ha of farmland. By omitting animal-based ingredients compared with cow milk, each pot has a 48% reduction in CO², 57% less water and 61% of space requirements.

Pink Albatross comes in 4 tasty flavours: Toasted Hazlenut, Tropical Mango, Straccia-Coco and Double Chocolate. Each pot contains 480 ml or 350 g and comes in 4-pot-outers for German and Austrian grocery retail. Pink Albatross will be supported by active and targeted digital communication. The RSP is €6.69.

Download: Presse Release (PDF)