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Die Familien Unternehmer. Die jungen Unternehmer
Uplegger Food Company – engagiert bei DIE FAMILIEN UNTERNEHMER

Since 1884.

Family-owned in the 5th generation.

Our history.

The Uplegger Food Company was founded 140 years ago as a cheese wholesaler. This makes it one of the oldest family businesses in the German food retail.

Over the years, the retail landscape changed - sometimes continuously, sometimes disruptively. Today, Uplegger Food Company stands for the import, distribution, and international marketing of chilled and frozen products. Focussing on the categories of dairy, cheese, ice cream, desserts, and convenience food, Uplegger Food Company represents more than 20 well-known product partners from all over Europe and beyond.

With a dedicated key account management team in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands, Uplegger Food Company strives towards success in current and future fields of business.

Uplegger Food Company is part of UPLEGGER GROUP.

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he company Alfred A. Jatho was entered into the commercial register in 1884.

A brisk import business in Swiss cheese (by the wagon-load) animated the business even more.


Meanwhile, in the second generation, the son of the founder was the victim of a fatal accident. Mr Carl Uplegger became the managing director and married the widow of the founder's son 2 years later.


As soon as the war was over, the company started up the production of farmer cheese, brand: Vierblatt Käsewerk.

After the currency reform wholesaling was conducted as well as being a trading agent. Gervais and Kraft were among the first companies that the company Uplegger represented.


Hans-Joachim Uplegger took over operations and administration after the death of his father Carl Uplegger.


Kay Uplegger, son of Hans-Joachim Uplegger, joined the company and took over the position of managing director in the 4th generation a few years later.


In the course of re-orientation and concentration on the German comestible retail market, wholesale activities were given up at the beginning of the 1990s.


Co-founder of the national group of sales agent Marke + Vertrieb GmbH, Memmingen.

The business as a local sales agent as well as the import business with national sales were built up to be the main pillar in partnership with Marke + Vertrieb GmbH.


Kerstin Uplegger becomes managing director and shareholder of Uplegger Food Company.


Taking over the „Marke + Vertrieb GmbH” and implementing its sales activities at Uplegger Food Company GmbH. By focussing on the import of strong brands from Switzerland, the Netherlands, Italy, Spain, UK and Greece and distributing own brands in the dairy, dessert and convenience sector the company's growth has been advanced constantly.

Thomas Wiek joins the group of managing directors and shareholders.


The Austrian and Dutch market was entered by an internal appropriate sales and distribution team.


Konstantin Uplegger, the 5th generation, joins the executive board.


The Start of sales activities at the Swiss market.


Next Generation: Konstantin Uplegger takes over the shares and responsibilities from his father Kay Uplegger.