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Die Familien Unternehmer. Die jungen Unternehmer
Uplegger Food Company – engagiert bei DIE FAMILIEN UNTERNEHMER

Green goes Fresh

Your plant-based brands in the food retail.

Plant-based food is getting more and more popular. In our vegan and vegetarian range you will find chilled alternatives to dairy, yoghurt, cheese and convenience products and many more innovative products.


Spain's most popular gazpacho

Sales in DE

Blue Diamond Almonds

Discover the best of almonds

Sales in DE, AT, NL, CH


Versatile fruit snack from Austria

Sales in DE

Deli Dip

Together it tastes best

Sales in DE, NL

Friendly Viking's

Made with a good heart

Sales in DE, AT, CH

Ella's Basenbande

Ohne Schnickschnack

Vertrieb in DE, AT


Fodmap Friendly

Vertrieb in DE, AT, NL, CH

The Coconut Collaborative

Free from dairy but not temptation

Sales in DE, AT, NL, CH


Food without compromise

Sales in DE, AT


The great tasting variation

Sales in DE, AT, CH