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Press Release

Fresh horseradish from Austria straight into the chilled section

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


LieblingsKren & rooty‘s: taste just like freshly grated – always

Langenhagen, July 19th, 2022. Horseradish is one of the few key elements in the full-bodied cuisine of Austria and Southern Germany. Since July 1 2022, Uplegger Food GmbH’s range for German retail now includes the hearty Austrian horseradish of LieblingsKren & rooty’s. This allows other regions to participate in the enjoyment of these delicious products too. The horseradish of both brands tastes just like freshly grated, strong and spicy and only available in the chilled section. Careful manufacturing guarantees freshness and a long shelf-life.

Three products in varying pack-sizes offer the right degree of sharpness for everyone’s taste. LieblingsKren Pure for spicy, pure horseradish sharpness, LieblingsKren with Apple Slices results in a sweet-sharp taste and rooty’s Horseradish with Wasabi is for people who appreciate a really sharp flavour. The range is perfect for a wonderful sharp freshness to accompany fresh bread, steak and salad. Look out for our creative recipes such as a green smoothie, LieblingsKren soup or the dessert LieblingKren’s panna cotta with strawberries under http://www.lieblingskren.de/en/.

LieblingsKren Horseradish is available in 20 x 8 g portion packs or 6 per case in a 60 g jar, 250 g pot, and 1 kg pot. LieblingsKren Horseradish with Apple Slices comes in a 50 g jar and a 400 g pot. Rooty’s Wasabi comes in a 50 g jar and a 200 g pot.

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