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Press Release

More than just another porridge

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


NEW - RTE Porridge in Grocery Outlets.

Langenhagen, January 04th, 2022. The succesful Berlin-based start-up Haferkater puts a new unique accent on the category of porridge in the dynamic breakfast market. From March 2022 Uplegger Food Company will translate results from the 12 national Haferkater stores with over 100,000 customers per month for all the German Grocery trade as well as in more than 400 German ICE high-speed trains.

Haferkater converts an old-established meal into the perfect breakfast for a high-powered working day. The vegan organic RTE Haferkater porridges come in practical 180g packs with an RSP of € 2.19 and 6 packs per outer. The flavours Apple/ Cinnamon and Blueberry are ideal for breakfast or as a snack between meals. The launch will be supported by a social media campaign with posts, stories and local influencers on Instagram.