Uplegger Food Company GmbH
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D-30851 Langenhagen
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Die Familien Unternehmer. Die jungen Unternehmer
Uplegger Food Company – engagiert bei DIE FAMILIEN UNTERNEHMER

Full service distributor
for chilled and frozen food

Your experts for plant-based products

We are your sales and distribution experts.

We can offer everything you need to start with your brand in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands or Switzerland. With our extensive experience especially in plant-based we have the knowledge to make you successful in our markets.

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Tel +49 [0] 511 97898 38

We get your products on shelf!

We have more than 100 years of sales and marketing experience with chilled and frozen products. We established a number of brands and innovative categories in the retail landscape. We bring innovation to market.

Chilled and frozen is our business

Our supply chain runs below 7°C.
We can manage difficult supply chains to get your articles from your production to retailer DCs. This includes transport, storage, and all kinds of Value Added Service including a dedicated facility for defrosting and day-coding.

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Tel +49 [0] 511 97898 38


It's all about your product

We are your extended arm, representing your philosophy and strategy to our retail partners. Being your feet on the ground, we build success together.


Strong Brands

Our product portfolio consists of yoghurt, dessert, cheese, and convenience products, as well as drinks - chilled and frozen. Our product partners are family-owned, medium-sized companies, startups, and large international corporations with substantial market power in their home markets. Within our markets, we are always working as an exclusive distributor.