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Press Release

Plant-based Original Better now available through Uplegger distribution

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


Willicroft Original Better tastes like butter and can be used just like it.

Langenhagen, December 7th, 2023. The plant-based alternative Original Better from Willicroft is now available through Uplegger Food Company GmbH in German and Austrian retail. Original Better, not to be confused with margarine, tastes like butter made from dairy and can be used just as effectively for spreading, cooking, and baking. Willicroft achieves the taste of high-quality branded butter through a unique, precise fermentation process without the addition of artificial flavours. At the same time, the butter alternative has significantly lower emissions compared to butter from dairy.

The base ingredient for Original Better is fermented soybeans, and only eight 100% natural ingredients are used. In addition, compared to other plant-based butter alternatives, Original Better contains fewer saturated fatty acids while still providing excellent melting and spreading capabilities. The production of Willicroft Original Better consumes up to 5 times less CO2 emissions and approximately 4900 litres less water per kg compared to dairy butter (first LCA results 09/2023).

Original Better is currently making waves in Amsterdam. The top bakery Saint-Jean uses Original Better for the entire pastry range. Starting January 2024, the Michelin-decorated restaurant RIJKS, led by star chef Joris Bijdendijk, will replace butter with this plant-based butter.

The fermented plant-based butter Original Better (200 g, 15 pieces/carton, RRP* €2.99) is now available through Uplegger Food Company in German and Austrian retail and is also accessible for the food service sector.

*Price is on the sole discretion of the retail.