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Press Release About us

Specialities for Gourmets

Created by Uplegger Food Company GmbH


By tradition always with fine taste!

Langenhagen, March 14, 2022. UFC’s range has traditionally been based on specialities for gourmets. That’s why the company started as an importer of Swiss cheese. And in recent years, there has been a trend towards specialisation and more international product ranges and tastes. That’s why grocery chilled cabinets have been won over by products such as Greek yoghurt (Kri Kri), superb British desserts (), Italian fish antipasti (Medusa) or Dutch cheese specialities (Bettinehoeve). And more recently, trends have emerged towards more vegan or vegetarian products increasingly in gourmet segments too.

Plant-based products no longer have to taste worse than the originals. In our range this stretches from oat-based yoghurt alternatives (Friendly Viking’s) to coconut-based (The Coconut Collaborative), from fruit snacks to spoon (Darbo) to humous (Deli Dip) from oriental cuisine to convenient meat alternatives (Vivera).

Our business model has always been based on longterm partnerships which we have over time simply updated. That explains why innovation stands at the core of our strategy. And currently, taste is the name of the game. That reflects the current success of Chocolate Melt in the Middle, a unique vegan chocolate dream. These magnificent desserts are a big hit in the Netherlands (pot rotation of 4 per store and week in Albert Heijn). Similarly Chocolate & Co from the Chocolate Collaborative- a vegan alternative to the all-time classic chocolate pudding with a cream topping. And all this achieved without sacrificing taste or quality.

Beyond this, longterm partners are rediscovering themselves, for example GÜ, which has been distributed by Uplegger since 2011. We are in the middle of a complete relaunch.  The GÜ brand with its new vegan chocolate mousses is being repositioned as the one for “chocolate fans”, inviting consumers to a luxury taste in top-restaurant quality. The packaging was also redesigned in a new, modern , minimalistic, high-impact look which stands out well in-shelf.

Last but not last, we continue to expand our product range of gourmet specialities. For example: the future of ice cream from Spain- sustainable, clean label, vegan and maximal creaminess. All that without compromising taste. Pink Albatross tastes as if it came straight from the ice cream shop. And for all those who prefer smaller gourmet moments, there is now ice cream in smaller portion-packs: Little Moons, creamy balls of artisan Italian ice cream coated with an irresistably soft, sweet rice dough. The little moons have an intense taste and are manufactured with fresh milk and cream,without any artificial aroma or preservatives.

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